Verdicts & Settlements

The following is a list of noteworthy verdicts, settlements, and decisions involving Vigorito Woolf PC. 

Defense Verdict in Norfolk Superior Trial

Vigorito Woolf PC successfully represented a defendant in a 2019 business litigation matter in Norfolk Superior Court. The Plaintiff sought over $1,900,000 in damages. The jury returned a defense verdict in favor of our client after a week-long trial and also found in favor of our client on its counterclaims. 

Sexual Harassment

Vigorito Woolf represents client in a 2018 matter involving hostile work environment and sexual harassment claims, resulting in a $200,000 settlement against an Arizona-based company. 

Suffolk Superior Bench Trial 

Vigorito Woolf PC successfully represented another defendant-homeowner in a 2020 bench trial in Suffolk Superior Court. The plaintiff-contractor sought $90,000+ in damages from our client. The Court found in our client's favor, and additionally found that our client prevailed in her Chapter 93A counterclaim against the plaintiff-contractor. 

Financial Fraud 

An Agreement for Judgment entered in the Essex Superior Court in 2020 for $447,000 in a matter involving a pyramid scheme. Numerous additional victims of this scheme have since been represented by Vigorito Woolf PC, resulting in a collective set of Agreements for Judgment and settlements in an amount over $1,000,000.00. 

Unpaid Wages

Vigorito Woolf represents client in a 2018 matter involving unpaid wages and commissions, resulting in a $50,000 settlement.

Hostile Work Environment 

A 2019 matter involving a sexual harassment claim resulted in a $100,000 settlement against a Boston-based entity. 

United States Tax Court Appeal

Attorney Devin Woolf handles the firm's tax appeals involving the Internal Revenue Service. She successfully appealed an adverse tax assessment totaling over $400,000 in 2020. The United States Tax Court issued a finding that no funds were owed to the United States Treasury and the matter was dismissed in favor of our client.  

Boston Municipal Court Trial 

Vigorito Woolf successfully represented a plaintiff at the Boston Municipal Court Central Division for a breach-of-contract matter. After a short bench trial in 2020, the Court found in favor of the Plaintiff on her claims. 

MCAD - Probable Cause Finding

Vigorito Woolf facilitated a probable cause finding from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in 2020 for a client employed by a car dealership who alleged sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and constructive dischage. The matter was then resolved by a confidential settlement between the parties.