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Verdicts & Settlements

The following is a list of noteworthy verdicts, settlements, decisions, and transactions involving Vigorito Woolf PC. 

Business Litigation - Boston Municipal Court

Vigorito Woolf PC represented an out-of-state corporation in the Boston Municipal Court who sued a CRM provider for an unauthorized access to confidential data, resulting in a confidential settlement. 

Business Litigation - United States District Court 

Vigorito Woolf P.C. represented an out-of-state financing conglomerate defendant in a multi-million dollar financing and commercial paper dispute in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, which was dismissed in 2023. 

Business Litigation Settlement - Suffolk Superior

In one of the most intensely litigated closely-held business/partnership disputes, Vigorito Woolf P.C. successfully represented a corporation and its CEO being sued for several millions of dollars. The Business Litigation Session in Suffolk Superior Court agreed with Attorney Vigorito that the Plaintiff's claims were not advanced derivatively, leading to a dismissal of the majority of the Plaintiff's damages. The decision was featured on the front-page of Massachusetts Lawyer's Weekly. 

Defense Verdict in Norfolk Superior Trial

Vigorito Woolf PC successfully represented a commercial landlord in a 2019 business litigation matter in Norfolk Superior Court. The Plaintiff sought approximately 2 million dollars in damages. The jury returned a defense verdict in favor of our client after a week-long trial and also found in favor of our client on its counterclaims. 

Personal Injury Settlement

Vigorito Woolf PC negotiated a settlement in the amount of $140,000.00 for an injured firefighter who slipped and suffered a fractured ankle while working an off-duty job. 

Funeral Home Negligence 

Vigorito Woolf PC negotiated a six-figure settlement for a client whose deceased relative was inadvertently cremated 1 day prior to his scheduled private viewing. 

Sexual Harassment

Vigorito Woolf represented an employee in a 2018 matter involving hostile work environment and sexual harassment claims, resulting in a six-figure settlement against an Arizona-based company. 

Suffolk Superior Bench Trial 

Vigorito Woolf PC successfully represented another defendant-homeowner in a 2020 bench trial in Suffolk Superior Court. The plaintiff-contractor sought a six-figure verdict from our client. The Court found in our client's favor, and additionally found that our client prevailed in her Chapter 93A counterclaim against the plaintiff-contractor. 

Financial Fraud 

An Agreement for Judgment entered in the Essex Superior Court in 2020 for $447,000 in a matter involving a pyramid scheme. Numerous additional victims of this scheme have since been represented by Vigorito Woolf PC, resulting in a collective set of Agreements for Judgment and settlements totaling over a million dollars combined. 

Unpaid Wages

Vigorito Woolf represented an employee in a 2018 matter involving unpaid wages and commissions, resulting in a $50,000 settlement.

Hostile Work Environment 

A 2019 matter involving an employee advancing a sexual harassment claim, represented by Vigorito Woolf PC, resulted in a six-figure settlement against a Boston-based entity. 

United States Tax Court Appeal

Attorney Devin Woolf handles the firm's tax appeals involving the Internal Revenue Service. She successfully appealed an adverse tax assessment totaling over $400,000 in 2020. The United States Tax Court issued a finding that no funds were owed to the United States Treasury and the matter was dismissed in favor of our client.  

Boston Municipal Court Trial 

Vigorito Woolf successfully represented a plaintiff at the Boston Municipal Court Central Division for a breach-of-contract matter. After a short bench trial in 2020, the Court found in favor of the Plaintiff on her claims and awarded her several thousands in damages. 

MCAD - Probable Cause Finding

Vigorito Woolf facilitated a probable cause finding from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in 2020 for a client employed by a car dealership who alleged sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and constructive dischage. The matter was then resolved by a confidential settlement between the parties. 

Alcoholic Beverages Licensing 

Vigorito Woolf PC has represented world-famous chefs in Boston, the North Shore, and the South Shore in their business endeavors, including commercial leasing matters, liquor licensing, 

Real Estate Conveyances

Vigorito Woolf PC represented the purchasers of a $4.5 million commercial acquisition in Woburn, a $1.3 million commercial acquisition in Chelsea, a multi-million dollar acquisition of multifamily properties in Acton, a $1.4 million commercial property in Boston, and numerous other residential and commercial transactions on the North Shore, South Shore, and Metrowest areas of Boston. 

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